Saturday, February 21, 2009

One Month Old Photo Shoot

Today Madison is 1 month old...ALREADY! It has really gone bye so fast! At one month old Madi weighs 8 pounds. She is focusing more on objects, staying awake a little longer during the day, sleeping 6 hours at night before wanting to eat, holding her head up (she is REALLY strong) for longer periods of time, and grabbing on hair...mine, Haylee's, and her own (she gets so mad when she is pulling her hair). She is so much fun and it is so special to watch Haylee and Madi interact. It is amazing the love you see in their eyes.
We are looking forward to all of the new things she will be doing in month 2! Here are a few pictures I took this morning on her 1 month birthday! I LOVE the big flower headband. Plus, it tames her WILD hair. :o) Enjoy!

I wanted to try and do a diaper shot...She just didn't like it one bit!
I'm happy now!
Close-Up...Baby doll!
This is the WILD hair. It only stands straight up! It looks like a Mohawk!


Krystyn said...

Love the mowhawk...and the flower headband is too cute.

Dave and Kristen said...

Those are cute!!! she does look at haylee, since you put that other one of her when she was a baby...glad you got the binkie thing taken care of!!! Im proud of you lol...cant wait to see yall in a couple of weeks and meet little madi!

Stephanie said...

Oh my precious!!
She is just adorable w/ that headband!! Love the mohawk too though!!