Thursday, June 25, 2009

5 Months Old!

This little girl just turned 5 months old! Where does the time go?

Madi, you are such a cutie and in a GREAT stage! You smile a lot! However, you also know that you are the baby in the family and can play that role really well! You have the sweetest "pouty" face and quivering lip.

Madi, you LOVE your big sister! Haylee likes to try to do silly things to make you laugh or "talk" to her.

You love still love to eat! You are eating a 6 ounce bottle 4 times a day and love all fruits and veggies. We haven't tried any meats yet.

You sleep 12 hours a night and take 2 naps during the day.

You love to chew on blankets, your hands, and you just began picking up small toys.

We have just started putting you in the exersaucer, but you don't love it just yet.

You LOVE bath time. You will kick your feet to splash the water.

You like playing "airplane". It makes you laugh.

You are always on a "roll", but you don't like when you are on your tummy. You prefer laying on your back so you can play with your feet.

You wear 3-6 month clothes (closer to the 6 month size) and size 2 diapers.

You are about 14 pounds (give or take a couple of ounces).

You are a precious little girls. We all LOVE you!

Thanks Missy for the picture!

Abilene Trip

This past Monday I took the girls on a 6 hour road trip to Abilene to visit Kristen, Dave, and the twins. It was a short trip, but fun to visit with them. The twins are getting so big. I thought it was cute when Haylee said, " A lot of babies mommy!" Here are a few pictures from the trip.

On the road... (Haylee was hot!)

Hi Madi!

The babies (Audrey, Madi, and Addisyn)

Ha Ha Ha!

Haylee making brownies with Aunt Kristen.

Haylee didn't want to lick the bowl with a spoon...she wanted to actually lick the bowl! Funny thing is...Haylee claims she doesn't like chocolate, I guess she does now!! :o)

We didn't take many pictures this trip. Kristen has a few different ones on her blog from Chuckie Cheese.
We had a great time. Thanks guys for having us visit!

Haylee's New Favorite "Do"

Haylee gets into little routines. Every morning after we (Haylee and mommy) put on our makeup, we fix our hair. We have gone through different hair styles that she prefers. Right now Haylee likes to have her hair braided.

Father's Day Family Picture

We have the best daddy ever!
-Haylee and Madi

We Love You!

Again, thanks Missy for the picture!

Monday, June 15, 2009


After being in a technology training for a week...I have been trying my new tech stuff out at home. I have seen this program before, Animoto, but have never sat down to create something on it. Let me just say, I LOVE IT! I don't have any new pics so I thought I would share this little video of some of our favorite family moments.

Animoto is super easy. You upload your pictures, choose a song, and it creates your video...transitions and all! Educators can get a class code that allows you to create full length videos and everyone else can create 30 second movie clips. Very cool, Huh?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bad dog!

Who me???

Couldn't be!

We are in desperate need of the dog whisperer! We often joke with people telling them to send in letters describing our wild child (Macy the Lab). It's always funny until you come home from a wonderful day at a technology academy where you just receieved a new laptop and Ipod touch and you see this...
Thats right my friends, kool-aid, RED KOOL-AID!

Immediately I thought... She's done it this time! We are really going to have to get new floors! Have no fear...I have a 2 new best friends! Look what they did, after 2 hours!

So, we are extremely excited for Macy to go to doggie school in a couple of weeks while we are on vacation. Here is a small list of Macy's record:
  • ate a bag of uncooked rice and cost us $600 in vet bills to have 2 xrays done to make sure her stomach wouldn't turn
  • ate a batch of cupcakes that were hand decorated for my sister's bachelorette party when I turned my back
  • recently ate a whole 8 pound beef tenderloin (raw)
  • chewed her dog kennel and put the metal rod through her paw
  • I am not going to go into detail about her 4th of July explosion...she is scared of loud noises
  • licks you to death
  • jumps all over you
  • thinks she is a little 7 pound dog like Roxy

There are so many more things, I could go on and on!

On the plus side, she doesn't chew shoes, she doesn't dig, and she is ABSOLUTELY wonderful with my girls!! Honestly, I would much rather have a dog that eats random food than one that doesn't like the kids.

Cross your fingers and say a little prayer for Macy to learn a bunch at doggie school!

Kaye Kaye's Bday and Teething

On Saturday we celebrated our little niece, Kayelyn's first brithday. (6-6-08) It is so crazy to think back to a year ago and see how much things have changed! She is such a sweet baby girl. Check out Melissa's blog for a special brithday post.

Happy Birthday Kayelyn Olivia! We love you!

Mommy and Madi
(Be sure to check out Madi's new look in all of her pictures!)

Trav and Jen (awww...we have almost been married 5 years!!! Crazy!)

Haylee spent 99% of the time in the Pink castle bouncie.

Madi just enjoyed laying around! :o)

Dinner and Playtime

So far I am sure you noticed the finger in the is ALL the time! She is definetly teething and fussy! Just in case you don't believe are a few more pics.

The spoon comes out and the finger goes in!

mmm...I love green beans and fingers!

If you hold my hands then I will eat the bumbo!

Madi checking out the excersaucer (mommy's favorite toy!) for the first time!

Haylee decided she wanted to try it out too.