Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Artist

I decided it was time to let Haylee explore her creativity. I went to Michael's one evening and picked up a bunch of random craft items and created a craft box for her to play with at the kitchen table. Her favorite thing to do is paint. Here are a couple pictures of Haylee painting a picture for her daddy. Check out her serious face.
The Masterpiece
The orange "circle" on the right with the green hair is a happy face for daddy and the blue circle on the left above the black cloud (?) is daddy.
-per Haylee

6 Months Old

Wow! 6 months have come and gone. I just can't believe that Madi is already half a year old. Before we know it she will be running around the house with her big sister!
Yesterday I took Madi to Dr. Nelms for her 6 month well baby check up and 6 month shots. Madi has no pain tolerance which is complete opposite of Haylee. Haylee won't even flinch when she gets a shot, Madi will hold her breathe for a good 20-30 seconds and let out the loudest scream. Yesterday another nurse in the office poked her head in the door when she began screaming to make sure everything was alright. She said she had never heard a child scream as loud as Madi was. Poor baby!
6 month stats:
Weight- 14 pounds 15 ounces 32nd percentile
Height- 24 1/2 inches 13th percentile
I really thought she weighed more. Madi has little chunky legs and is getting so heavy in her carrier!
Up Close Shot
Look what I can do!
She just started sitting up yesterday by herself.
Haylee wanted a picture with her sister.
I took about 25 pictures and in every one of them, one of the kids were either looking away or had a strange look. Oh well...they are still cuties!
What is Madi doing at 6 months?
  • Sitting up when put in the sitting position.
  • Rolls EVERYWHERE and is really FAST.
  • Drinks a bottle 4 times a day- 6 oz per feeding
  • Eats and likes all solid foods (have not tried a couple of the meats).
  • Takes 2 naps a day, mid-morning and mid-afternoon.
  • Sleeps 12 hours a night.
  • Loves the excersaucer.
  • Adores her big sister, Haylee.
  • Really wants to crawl! She can pull herself to get to a toy or object she wants.
  • Wears size 3 diapers and 6 month clothes.
  • Smiles at anybody who gives her attention.
  • Loves to hear her own "voice".
  • Cries EXTREMELY loud.
  • My hair doesn't stand up in a mohawk anymore!

We love you baby Madi!

Please check out Madison's totsite. I haven't been as good at it as I was with Haylee's, but I am trying to keep it up to date so I can purchase the cd of the totsite after her 1 year party. Be sure to leave a comment in the guest book so that when she is older she can look back and read what everyone has to say.


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sisters are funny!

It is really easy to make Madi smile. You just look at her and she grins from ear to ear! Haylee is the only one that can make Madi laugh on cue! I watching the girls interact together. Madi LOVES Haylee and Haylee LOVES Madi.

**disclaimer... Sorry Haylee is only in panties. She takes her clothes off and says its hot in the house all the time. I really don't blame her, it is hot! It is her summer wardrobe! :o)

Lots of people ask if the girls look alike. You decide. This is Madi the other day and Haylee when she was just about 6 months, like Madi.

You can tell that Madi likes to eat and Haylee was picky!

I love my girls!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

5 Years!

A little early I know... (tomorrow is our 5 Year Wedding Anniversary) but I have a training tomorrow and won't be able to post.

Time has flown bye! We have been married for 5 years...together for 10! Oh my, I guess we are getting old! I love you more and more everyday. We have been through so much the last 5 years. Probably more difficult times than most young couples in our marriage. You have always stood by me and been my best friend. You have always supported me and helped me get through some of the hardest times in my life. I couldn't choose a better best friend, husband, and father to our precious baby girls! I thank you for all of your hard work, dedication to our family, and love.
Happy Anniversary!

Some of you may not know this funny bit...On our wedding day, that I thought I had planned to a "T", I mistakenly gave the band, Zona Jones, the wrong cd with our first dance music. So when we went out to the center of the dance floor to dance our first dance the song, "Awnaw" by Nappy Roots began playing. Look it up if you aren't familiar with it. Obviously an inappropriate first dance song, it was on one of my going out cd mixes. LOL now but I was so embarrassed then! Zona Jones realized it wasn't right, turned it off and began playing, Two Hearts, which has now become our song.

So, here is a small tribute to our last 5 years together. I look forward to many more!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Madi found herself in the mirror! I heard her giggling in the excersaucer today and realized she was laughing at herself! So cute!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Finishing Up!

Tuesday everyone headed off to Pearl Harbor. I decided to stay back with the kiddos since it was an all day excursion. I don't have any pictures from that day trip. When everyone arrived back at the hotel we went out for dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise.

The next day was the shark dive for those who wished to do so. Of course Travis did! Kathleen, Mom, the girls, grandma, and myself headed to Chinatown for some shopping.

That night Travis and I went out for dinner by ourselves. We ate at Sam Choy's (one of Emeril's friends if you are a food network fan) and had a yummy dinner. We also had dessert to celebrate my brother Matt's 23rd birthday! Even though he is no longer with us he is always in our hearts! We miss him everyday!

More beach and pool time.

The last day full day we went snorkeling! My underwater pics didn't turn out to great, but here are a few.
Travel day-
The girls were exhausted!
On the last day I wanted to get some family pics but we looked SO worn out! We were heading back to the hotel and saw this rainbow!
There is a quick recap! I have a ton of pics to put into a slideshow to come later.
We had SO MUCH fun!

More Pics- Brunch, Honolulu Zoo, and Luau

Sunday we went to this INCREDIBLE brunch buffet. We also were able to celebrate Grandpa and Grandma O'Neill's 25th wedding anniversary!

Monday we decided to take Haylee to the Honolulu Zoo for some kid fun! She LOVED it! It was small but all of the animals were out and it was not crowded so Haylee could run around.

Haylee picked out an umbrella and a monkey from the gift shop.

Monday night- Luau at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel

Great food and GREAT entertainment.

An awesome fire dancer!

Haylee's favorite part was the hula dancers.

She even took a picture with her.

Hawaii- The first of many posts!

We had such a WONDERFUL time in Hawaii! It was an unforgettable trip and hopefully we will be able to go back someday. Hawaii is a breathtakingly beautiful place. Blue water, white sand, pretty flowers and trees, and rugged beautiful mountains. It has it all. Plus, they have weather in the 80's year round. I took so many pictures. I will only recap with a few then create a slideshow for the rest.

Madison's first airplane ride and Haylee sitting in her seat like a big girl!

LA was so cold! (Probably in the 60's, but much cooler than 100)
Plane ride number 2 to Honolulu.
Hawaii at first sight!


Even the airport looks like paradise!

View from our hotel room. (The beach and Diamond Head, an extinct volcano)

The pool and courtyard in our hotel.

After we arrived, checked in, and picked up rental cars we went to dinner at Chuck's Steakhouse on the beach. It was really good dinner and had an even better view of the sunset.

Day 2- Fourth of July

We spent the morning at the beach and then took a drive around the island to Turtle Bay where we went for dinner and to watch fireworks.

My girls at the beach!

Fourth of July cuties!

Views from around the island.