Monday, July 13, 2009

Hawaii- The first of many posts!

We had such a WONDERFUL time in Hawaii! It was an unforgettable trip and hopefully we will be able to go back someday. Hawaii is a breathtakingly beautiful place. Blue water, white sand, pretty flowers and trees, and rugged beautiful mountains. It has it all. Plus, they have weather in the 80's year round. I took so many pictures. I will only recap with a few then create a slideshow for the rest.

Madison's first airplane ride and Haylee sitting in her seat like a big girl!

LA was so cold! (Probably in the 60's, but much cooler than 100)
Plane ride number 2 to Honolulu.
Hawaii at first sight!


Even the airport looks like paradise!

View from our hotel room. (The beach and Diamond Head, an extinct volcano)

The pool and courtyard in our hotel.

After we arrived, checked in, and picked up rental cars we went to dinner at Chuck's Steakhouse on the beach. It was really good dinner and had an even better view of the sunset.

Day 2- Fourth of July

We spent the morning at the beach and then took a drive around the island to Turtle Bay where we went for dinner and to watch fireworks.

My girls at the beach!

Fourth of July cuties!

Views from around the island.


Stephanie said...

Seriously??? I am in awe over here!
How beautiful!!!

Stephanie said...

Oh wow...I'm so jealous! And I cannot believe how long Haylee's hair is. I have not seen her in forever! We really need to get the girls together soon.