Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday 10

I have seen people posting a Tuesday 10, which works out great for me b/c I already have a Thursday 13 post for this week!
Yesterday I had the chance to sit down and check out all of my gifts. Haylee must not have been the only one in the family to be good this year!

10 things I(Jennifer) got for Christmas!
1. A new LCD TV for our bedroom (a joint gift)
2. A brown coach purse
3. A black coach purse
4. A Cricut personal cutter machine (you scrapboopkers know about this)
5. Three Cricut cartridges
6. A dvd burner for my computer
7. Viva La Juicy Perfume (smells sooo yummy!)
8. An external hard drive for all of my pictures!
9. Lots of gift cards
10. Lots of money
Oh My...10 wasn't enough! I didn't even get to mention the 3 charms from James Avery, the Heart Pendant from James Avery, the stuff we got for our Aerogarden, the clothes, and kitchen stuff. I got so many wonderful gifts! Thank you very much everybody!
Believe me, Travis was just as lucky!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Haylee Reese!

On Saturday Haylee turned 2! We can not believe how fast time has gone bye and how much our little girl has grown. She is such a joy to have in our lives and we couldn't feel more blessed to be Haylee's parents. She has grown into a sweet, polite, and very happy child. She is constantly laughing and loves to play. Haylee is also super smart. She talks in 3 word sentences, counts to 10 or more when walking up the stairs, sings her own version of the ABC's, knows colors, and has unbelieveable coordination.
Haylee's favorite...
color- purple
food- noodles (or any pasta), no-nut holes (donut holes LOL), chicken, fruit, and rice
drink- berry milk (strawberry)
game- toss up between Hungry Hippo's and this motorized fishing game
tv show- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
song- Video Killed the Radio Star (thanks to her Aunt Vicca) and Hot Dog!
book- My Thanksgiving Prayer and Dogs
outdoor activity- bubbles and chalk
animal- dogs, especially Macy, and elephants
places to go- HEB, Chuckie E Cheese, Park
A few other facts:
dislikes- chocolate and beans
nicknames- Haylee Bug, Hay Hay, Baby girl, Hayla
clothes size- 18 months
shoe size- 5
hair- light/med brown and LONG
eyes- still blue
dimples- 1

Height and weight stats will be posted on Tuesday after her 2 year check up!
Here are some pictures from her Mickey and Minnie bday party. Everyone had a great time, especially Haylee. She loved all of the decorations with her favorite characters on them. Once again many people showed up to celebrate with our little girl. We had hot dogs to go along with the Clubhouse theme and cake.

Our little birthday girl!

Haylee with her giant Minnie balloon.

Opening presents
Sweet Girl!

Our family...Lots of people were taking pictures! (If you have any please email them to me)

1-2-3 Blow!
Macy in costume! LOL

Four Christmases

Well, just like the movie, we also have four Christmases to celebrate! Here are some pictures from each one.

Christmas #1- Christmas Eve, Glowacz House (Jennifer's Parents)

Christmas #2- Christmas Eve, Brewer House (Travis' Parents)

Christmas #3- Christmas Morning, Our House
Christmas #4- Dec. 27th, Our House for the O'Neill Family (Jennifer's Parents)

As far as gifts, let's just say that Haylee must have been a REALLY good girl this year! Our house looks like Toys R Us! Travis and I also got everything we asked for and more. We had such a great time celebrating with each family and are so thankful for the time we spent with each other.

It was so fun watching Haylee this year. She had such a great time opening presents and seeing all of her family. She is one LOVED child. We are so blessed!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy Week

This week will be really busy. I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I will have lots of pictures to post next weekend from Christmas and Haylee's 2nd birthday! I can not believe that Haylee will be two on Saturday! It's true what they say, Time flies when you're having fun!

Merry Christmas!

Disney Playhouse

Daddy surprised Haylee with a trip to see Disney Playhouse at the Toyota Center. We went this afternoon. (Don't worry I didn't do anything all day leading up to the show and I was dropped off at the front of the building. There was minimal walking.)

All day we were telling Haylee we were going to a surprise. She was really excited. Once we arrived at the Toyota Center and she saw all of the different characters she was even more excited.

This show starred Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (her favorite) with appearances from Winnie the Pooh, Handy Manny, and Little Einstiens. We had a great time!

We did learn that floor seats for a child event doesn't really matter. In fact, it is extremely difficult to see, hot, and really crowded. So, during the intermission we moved up to the first level where there was more room and less people.
Mickey and Friends (Daisy must have been sick)

Handy Manny and his Tools

Little Einstiens

Haylee waving bye to all of her playhouse friends!

I had so much fun!

Large and In Charge at 33 weeks!

Here is a recent picture of me today before we headed out to Disney Playhouse. (I should have taken off the hat, oops!)

I had a dr. appt last Thursday. I didn't see the dr. because she had to go deliver a baby so I guess they decided to do my last ultrasound. It was so great to see little Madi again. I only wish they would have told me I was having an ultrasound so Travis could have been there. Things look great with Madi. She is weighing about 4.4 pounds and has a full head of hair like her big sister did.
I go back on Tuesday and will have blood drawn for my anemia test (I was anemic with Haylee and had to take extra iron pills.) and will also be put on a monitor to see if I am having some contractions. Things are moving right along and Madison will be here before we know it!

Craft Time

Haylee was busy this past week making specials gifts for some special people. Here are a few pictures of her beautiful artwork (and cheesy smile, LOL)!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our First Annual Cousins Cookie Party

One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is bake Christmas cookies. I usually bake a double batch and give some to all of my neighbors and save a few for ourselves. This year I decided that Haylee would enjoy decorating cookies and who else better to do it with than Briley, her cousin. So, the Annual Cousins Cookie Party has been born. Next year will be exciting because we will be going from 2 kids decorating cookies to hopefully 6. We will have to plan it on a weekend when Haylee and Madi's new little cousins, Addisyn and Audrey, can come down. We will have Haylee, Madi, Addisyn, Audrey, Briley, and Kayelyn. How fun and messy! :o)
Preparations the night before!
Little aprons...

My decorated cookies (don't worry, I didn't give the girls colored icing)
The girls in their aprons!

Let the decorating begin...

The girl's cookies! YUM! ;o)

OK... Check out Melissa's blog for more pictures. It was a big mess, but a lot of fun. The girls really enjoyed themselves, the sprinkles, and licking every cookie they could. HA! The funny part was later that night Travis said something about how their cookies looked compared to how they tasted. I just started laughing, "You're eating the cookies the girls decorated?" He said, "yes ,why?" I watched them lick all over their hands and the cookies while decorating I wasn't going to let anyone actually eat them. It was hilarious.

This week at school is the most fun! The kids do projects after projects! I love this time and I am really missing it. Let me tell ya, you haven't experienced crafts until you have either painted or done a project with glitter with 20 five/six year old kids. So fun! Especially if a mess doesn't bother you. So, 6 jars of sprinkles all over hands, the floor, and hair...not a problem in my house! I am already looking forward to next year! :o)