Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Haylee Reese!

On Saturday Haylee turned 2! We can not believe how fast time has gone bye and how much our little girl has grown. She is such a joy to have in our lives and we couldn't feel more blessed to be Haylee's parents. She has grown into a sweet, polite, and very happy child. She is constantly laughing and loves to play. Haylee is also super smart. She talks in 3 word sentences, counts to 10 or more when walking up the stairs, sings her own version of the ABC's, knows colors, and has unbelieveable coordination.
Haylee's favorite...
color- purple
food- noodles (or any pasta), no-nut holes (donut holes LOL), chicken, fruit, and rice
drink- berry milk (strawberry)
game- toss up between Hungry Hippo's and this motorized fishing game
tv show- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
song- Video Killed the Radio Star (thanks to her Aunt Vicca) and Hot Dog!
book- My Thanksgiving Prayer and Dogs
outdoor activity- bubbles and chalk
animal- dogs, especially Macy, and elephants
places to go- HEB, Chuckie E Cheese, Park
A few other facts:
dislikes- chocolate and beans
nicknames- Haylee Bug, Hay Hay, Baby girl, Hayla
clothes size- 18 months
shoe size- 5
hair- light/med brown and LONG
eyes- still blue
dimples- 1

Height and weight stats will be posted on Tuesday after her 2 year check up!
Here are some pictures from her Mickey and Minnie bday party. Everyone had a great time, especially Haylee. She loved all of the decorations with her favorite characters on them. Once again many people showed up to celebrate with our little girl. We had hot dogs to go along with the Clubhouse theme and cake.

Our little birthday girl!

Haylee with her giant Minnie balloon.

Opening presents
Sweet Girl!

Our family...Lots of people were taking pictures! (If you have any please email them to me)

1-2-3 Blow!
Macy in costume! LOL


Stephanie said...

She is just beautiful!!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Haylee!!
You 2 should be so proud..she is just adorable!!
Looks like she had a blast at her party!

Krystyn said...

How sweet. What a doll and a fun party.

Happy birthday, Haylee!