Monday, December 1, 2008

Holiday Traditions

Every year, even prior to kids, we decorate the Christmas tree the weekend following Thanksgiving. We put on Christmas music real loud, make hot cider, then watch The Polar Express. This year was no different. Except how much more fun it was! Haylee had a blast decorating the family tree. She wanted to do it all herself. Every time that Haylee would hang an ornament she would clap for herself. It was so cute. She enjoyed the music and would dance and sing along. We had a great evening. Here are some pictures of our tradition.

Haylee wanting to hang her onrnaments by herself. (Excuse the toy mess!)

Getting a little help from her daddy.

Yum! Trying some cider.
Haylee and Daddy (Don't you love her new smile. This is what we get when we say cheese)

More pictures to come...


Tim and Steph said...

Awww! I love holiday traditions and I admit, that one is a great one! I have never seen Polar Express though. I need to!

Krystyn said...

Great traditions!

I can't believe how long Haylee's hair is!