Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Week

My Thanksgiving holidays began afterschool on Tuesday. First, before heading over to pick up Haylee, I had a doctors appointment. Things have been going fine except I was beginning to feel some pressure and felt that Madison had dropped some already since I can now see my feet where as a couple of weeks ago I couldn't. So, the dr. decided to go ahead and do an examine. Sure enough I have already began dialating. I am now on "modified" bedrest and no more work! I was really hoping to make it these last three weeks before the Christmas holidays. I have been pretty upset about not being able to work and having to be on bedrest again, but with Thanksgiving I have realized I have SO much to be thankful for. I now have this time to spend at home with Haylee before Madison arrives. I have so many helpful and caring family members and friends. I also have a wonderful, hardworking, husband and best friend. We had a low key Thanksgiving this year. Around 2:00 we went over to Travis' mom and dad's house for Thanksgiving dinner and the Aggie/UT game. Here are some pictures that Melissa took.

Haylee getting ready to eat her Thanksgiving dinner.

Haylee and Briley flossing their teeth following dinner.

Mommy and Daddy relaxing after dinner.

After dinner the girls made a Christmas moose t-shirt using their foot and hands. So cute!

Haylee and Mommy


Krystyn said...

Sorry about the bedrest again. I imagine that is really frustrating (I never dilated passed 1cm without pitocin)! Enjoy your time home with Haylee.

You should put up pics and directions of the shirt. That is a super cute idea.

Tim and Steph said...

Oh no! I'm sorry about the bedrest again. I was wondering if that would happen. I am glad you get to spend some time with Haylee this time though and won't be alone. Is there anything we can bring you?