Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Haylee's Homework

Last week Haylee came home with a homework assignment to complete. The directions were to decorate a fish (their classroom theme) with pictures and facts about themselves. So, on Monday night, after gymnastics, we got to work. I printed pictures, got the crayons out, and of course the glitter!


Our OLD Stompin' Grounds

On our way home from Victoria's birthday party, we stopped by the San Marcos outlet mall and The River Pub for lunch. Afterwards we decided to cruise around campus and see all the new changes. Neither of us have been back to SWT (oops, Texas State) since Travis graduated. It brought back tons of memories!

How can you not love SWT??

Those were the days!

Hot Weather + $10 River Rat Tubes + a few other essentials = RIVER SEASON!!

Miss it!!

Aunt Katie with Madison

After we stopped at Sewell Park so Haylee could feel the river water! Travis took her for a little walk while I waited with Madi. It was SO HOT!!

Here they are dipping their feet in the cold San Marcos river.

You can not go to Sewell Park without seeing Frisbee Dan!! Everyone who ever went to SWT knows who Frisbee Dan is. He is LITERALLY outside playing Frisbee every day (yes with speedo type bottoms and shirtless...hehehe)!!


This past Saturday we drove to San Antonio to "surprise" Victoria for her 17th birthday. Aunt Katie flew in from Atlanta to surprise her too. It had been over a YEAR since we last saw her. The kids have grown so much since then.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010


We have enrolled Haylee in gymnastics for the fall. I think at first Travis and I were more excited about this than she was. We took Haylee for a trial class to see how she liked it a couple weeks back. It started out rough. Haylee is so shy and didn't want leave us, even after being so excited about going. It took her about twenty minutes to get used to the craziness of 7 other kids before she decided she liked it. Now she is in love!! Here are a few pictures from her second session.

Haylee learning how to do a forward roll and how to get up without using hands.

Now by herself!

As the coach is helping each child individually, the other kids in the group are running around. But not Haylee, she was determined to do a roll by herself! She is such a good gymnast!

As Haylee would say, "Heartwheels". (aka cartwheels)

Taking a moment to flash us a smile!

The last 10 minutes the children get to play on the "mountain".

This is what happens when you are the first in line.

You get thrown in the foam block pit!

Madi watching her big sister.