Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wordless Wedenesday

I'm ready to be a BIG SISTER! Look at me practicing. (sorry I just got out of the bath and do not have my jammies on yet)

Sunday, July 27, 2008


We have been working on colors with Haylee. Look at how smart she is!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ok I more THURSDAY 13

13 new words Haylee is saying
  1. airplane
  2. binkie
  3. baby
  4. bed
  5. eat
  6. food
  7. thank you
  8. please
  9. hair bow
  10. apple
  11. mouse (mickey)
  12. love you (sorta)
  13. buddy bucks (HEB)

Aww...Last one for the day

This morning I had a doctor appt. I just thought I would give an update.

Dr. says I am 12 weeks and doing great. I have only gained 2 pounds. I had a million vials of blood drawn! It was a quick and easy appt. Nothing too exciting except I got to hear the heartbeat which is always amazing.

Next appt. I will be 16 and 1/2 weeks. They offer a gender scan ultrasound at that appt. for a small fee or we can wait one more month for our BIG ultasound. I don't know if I can wait that long. We didn't have that option with Haylee. So we will see what we decide to do.

My days are running out...Next week I have two workshops, one the following week and 2 after that. In between those days I will be going up to school to begin setting up my room. I hope to be extremely organized this year. When I went into pre term labor with Hay, my room was not ready for my sub, so... I am going to work on that in August.

I hope everyone is having a great summer.

Cabbage Patch Land and Helen

On Friday we were able to drive an hour north of my mom's house to Cleveland, Georgia to the Cabbage Patch Land. By the way, a new one with be opening in the Spring of 2009, so if you are in the area you may check it out. When you go to the cabbage patch land you go on a quick self guided tour, you can watch a cabbage birth, and adopt a baby.

Haylee checking out the babies in the nursery.

The nursery


The school house

The Cabbage Patch

The birth...

Still checking it out!


Aunt Victoria and Haylee

Mommy and Haylee

Haylee and her new baby!

After going to the cabbage patch land we drove ten more miles north to the town of Helen. It is a beautiful town in the North Georgia Mountains. You can go tubing down the Chatahoochie or shop. The twon looks like it would be found in Switzerland. So cute! Anyway, we ate lunch on the river.

Mideval Times

Last Wednesday we went to Mideval Times at Discover Mills (in Georgia). We had so much fun! Haylee absolutely LOVED it. She sat on my lap for the whole 2 hours and watched the horses and jousting tournament.
Mommy and Haylee in our black knight hats! (We were rooting for the black knight)

Us again...

Aunt Sarah with Haylee
(That is as far as we got with pictures before Haylee decided she didn't like the hat.)

Haylee watching the horses.

Our knight!

More horses...

Grandma and Haylee

During the show, each knight throws flowers to their crowd and he also gets to pick one fan to receive a sash from the knight. Guess who won... HAYLEE!

Here is a picture of Haylee with her knight and shining armor, after the show, wearing her sash. (Queen of Love and Beauty)

Our little Queen of Love and Beauty!

She was worn out.

First Pedicure

Last Tuesday while in Georgia, Haylee had her first pedicure.
Soaking her feet...

Painting her toes...

Pretty toes...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen- Anniversary Edition

Here are 13 of my favorite wedding pictures in honor of our 4th wedding anniversary!
(In no particular order)

1. The Bride (Me)
2. The Groom (Travis)
3. My Wonderful Bridesmaids!

4. The Handsome Groomsmen

5. The Ceremony

6. The O'Neill Family

7. The Glowacz Family

8. The Brewer Family

8. My Favorite!

9. Our Ride to the Reception

10. Our First Dance

11. The Rings

12. The Cake

13. The BEGINNING of our life!

(and a wonderful honeymoon to Grand Cayman Islands)

That was really hard to narrow down. It has been the best four years of my life! I am lucky for Travis to not only be my husband, but my my bestfriend. We are so blessed with what we have!

I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things Coming up...
1. Spend the day with Daddy, he stays home with us tomorrow!!
2. Fix/Replace a broken toilet :o(
3. See my baby neice at HOME (cross your fingers, hopefully tomorrow is the day)
4. Drive to San Antonio on Sunday
5. Fly to Atlanta on Monday with Haylee
(we were supposed to go on Friday but my mom is also flying from San Antonio on Monday so I will have help with Haylee on the flight)
6. Our 4 Year Anniversary on July 17
(we will celebrate when I return by going to the Melting Pot)
7. Go to the Cabbage Patch Land
8. Fly home from Atlanta
9. Visit my best friend Kelli in San Antonio
10. Go to an 5 inservices for school :o(
11. See Kristen and Dave the first weekend in August
12. Have the "binkie fairy" come visit Haylee
13. Enjoy my last days off before going back to set up my room


Ok... we have lived in our house for 3 1/2 years. Ever since we moved into the neighborhood we have had various companies come door to door trying to sell different things such as, alarms, bug spray, kirby vaccum cleaners, and yard services. Everytime we turn them away a little annoyed that they either rang the doorbell and woke up our precious baby girl or interrupted us at dinner time.
Well, yesterday during Haylee's nap, of course, the doorbell rang and the dogs went CRAZY! I went quickly to the door to stop them from barking hoping to save Haylee's nap only to find a woman dressed nice wanting to clean an area in my house for free. I knew right away she was with Kirby, I have seen their demo before, and I told her I didn't have time, as soon as my daughter woke up I had some errands to run. Her reply was, it will only take 20 minutes, just let me do your stairs. Hmm...I thought, I hate doing the stairs and she was going to vaccumm and steam clean them. Plus being pregnant I really shouldn't be carrying the cleaners up and down myself. So, I told her yes. Meanwhile, Haylee woke up and I quickly picked up a little.
About 10 minutes later 2 guys came knocking on my door to clean. I asked where the girl was and they said her job was to get people to say yes. Hesitantly I let them in and they proceeded with the demo I have already seen. 2 HOURS LATER, Travis arrived home, not too happy, and quickly said no to the purchase of a 2500 vaccumm. I went into it knowing I wasn't going to buy one, I have a brand new Dyson that I LOVE! It is pretty equal in quality to the Kirby. I found this out after the guys trying to do some comparison tests to prove to me that I needed a Kirby.
Anyway, bottom line...They didn't even do my stairs!
Live and Learn!

Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

We had such a great weekend at the beach house with the Brewer family. We had lots of family, food and good times. This is an annual event. The weather was perfect and the beach was amazing! I have never seen it look so beautiful in the past 5 years. I almost forgot we were on Crystal Beach (Galveston). Here are some pictures, ENJOY!
Haylee LOVED the beach!
The View from the Beach House

Checking out the fireworks before they really got going.

Haylee didn't LOVE the noise of the fireworks. (as you can tell)
Just being silly...ok, its a little mean.

We found a turtle! The girls were amazed!

The girls in their 4th dresses! (we had to retake them on the 5th due to the bad moods)

Eating watermelon...
and sharing it with daddy!