Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things Coming up...
1. Spend the day with Daddy, he stays home with us tomorrow!!
2. Fix/Replace a broken toilet :o(
3. See my baby neice at HOME (cross your fingers, hopefully tomorrow is the day)
4. Drive to San Antonio on Sunday
5. Fly to Atlanta on Monday with Haylee
(we were supposed to go on Friday but my mom is also flying from San Antonio on Monday so I will have help with Haylee on the flight)
6. Our 4 Year Anniversary on July 17
(we will celebrate when I return by going to the Melting Pot)
7. Go to the Cabbage Patch Land
8. Fly home from Atlanta
9. Visit my best friend Kelli in San Antonio
10. Go to an 5 inservices for school :o(
11. See Kristen and Dave the first weekend in August
12. Have the "binkie fairy" come visit Haylee
13. Enjoy my last days off before going back to set up my room


Krystyn said...

Enjoy your last couple weeks off! Where are you going in Atlanta? Maybe we could hook the girls up for a playdate?

And, fixing a toilet? Sounds like a blast!!

Stephanie said...

#14 - See Tim, Steph & Karys at some point

When do you go back to set up your room? That seems so early still!