Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cabbage Patch Land and Helen

On Friday we were able to drive an hour north of my mom's house to Cleveland, Georgia to the Cabbage Patch Land. By the way, a new one with be opening in the Spring of 2009, so if you are in the area you may check it out. When you go to the cabbage patch land you go on a quick self guided tour, you can watch a cabbage birth, and adopt a baby.

Haylee checking out the babies in the nursery.

The nursery


The school house

The Cabbage Patch

The birth...

Still checking it out!


Aunt Victoria and Haylee

Mommy and Haylee

Haylee and her new baby!

After going to the cabbage patch land we drove ten more miles north to the town of Helen. It is a beautiful town in the North Georgia Mountains. You can go tubing down the Chatahoochie or shop. The twon looks like it would be found in Switzerland. So cute! Anyway, we ate lunch on the river.


Stephanie said...

I have always wanted to got to The Cabbage Patch Land!! The pics turned out great and she looked like she enjoyed it so much! Glad yall had a great vacation!!

Anonymous said...

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