Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What have we been up to??

Here is a quick picture recap of the things that we have been doing lately!
Lauren graduated! :o)

Madi began eating cereal from a bowl and fruits. She LOVES peaches. This is the first time we tried feeding her from a spoon. Haylee was SO excited to help.

Madi's 4 Month Stats
Weight- 13 pounds (37th%)
Length- 23 1/4 inches (17th%)

Friday we went out to eat Mexican food for Brandon's bday. I forgot my camera that evening! Oops!

On Saturday we took Haylee to Peckham Park to fish.

She looks super cute and it looks like a wonderful afternoon, but we only lasted about 20 minutes. Right after we found a spot and got situated, Haylee decided she needed to go potty...it was on the opposite side of the lake. (We are learning ourselves...it is a lot different having to take a little one to a restroom) Then Madi was upset and Haylee was crying so we decided we would try it again on another day. :o)
This is what Madi thought about fishing for about 10 minutes.

Sunday evening we went to Carrabba's to celebrate Grandpa Glowacz' bday (my dad).
Here is Grandma showing Haylee how to make a heart with her fingers.

Grandpa snuggling Madi girl!

Monday we set up the blow up pool in the backyard for Haylee to play in. She LOVED it! She is going to be a water baby this summer!

We had popsicles!

Madi enjoying the outdoors!

Haylee in her cute hat!

Still to come... a really cute video of Haylee dancing to her new favorite song.
Coming up:
School is out in 7 days!
Kayelyn's First Birthday
A trip to Abilene
Father's Day
Macy goes to Dog Obedience School (YAY!)
Vacation! (The girls know where we are going...)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

We are on a "roll"!

I have been such a slacker with taking pictures the last couple of weeks! Things have been busy at home and work. Unless you are a teacher, you just don't realize how much work the end of the year is! Melissa sent me a few pictures of my girls that she took yesterday. Thanks Missy!
Here is Haylee! She has some BIG news...
"I am potty trained!"
Haylee has been wearing big girl panties since last Monday and hasn't had any accidents! She decided she was ready to be a big girl! Once school is out in the next couple of weeks I am going to work on night time. Right now we are wearing pull ups to bed. We are so proud of Haylee Bug!
Briley and Haylee
Madi also has some BIG news...
I can roll over now!
This is a great picture of Madi. It really captures her recent look (drool dripping down her face).
Tomorrow Madi will be 4 months old! I will post 4 month stats tomorrow evening.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day is such a special day! I love being honored and being able to honor my mom's. I am lucky enough to have 3 very special moms in my life. They have all touched my heart and have made me the mom that I am today. For that I thank them.
Today started out with gifts from my girls. They bought me a picture frame, album, and some filters for my camera. I am still learning my camera and have learned from my sister in law that there are many filters that will give photographs special effects. Someone in my family was really listening to me when I mentioned looking into these.
After opening gifts we all got dressed and ready for church. Haylee made me a precious hand print flower in Sunday school. As a teacher, I make hand print gifts with my students to give to their moms. I always think to myself how special it will be when my kiddos do the same for me. I was very happy to receive my first hand print gift today.
We had a wonderful lunch, gumbo, at the Brewer's house. We enjoyed the afternoon visiting, meeting LaLa's new boyfriend, and watching the kids play in the sandbox.
Later in the afternoon we sat outside with the girls and experimented with my camera. It was so nice to sit in the shade and play with Haylee. Even baby Madi enjoyed being outside. As soon as I laid her in the grass, Madi began laughing. Not just the usual little chuckle she does, she was laughing hard! It is the sweetest sound. What another amazing Mother's day gift. I can not believe how blessed I am. I love my girls!
For dinner we enjoyed dinner with my dad and mom, Beth. We had fajitas! Yum! We all had a nice time visiting.
I had the best day! I felt so special. My amazing and thoughtful husband helped make that possible. Being a mom is the best job in the world, and having 2 of the most precious baby girls makes it even better.I hope all of the moms out there enjoyed their day as much as I did. Mom's deserve it!
Mommy and her girls after church!
Mommy and her Mohawk baby! :o)
Haylee and Briley playing in the sandbox.
Mommy and Haylee playing around outside
Summer is here!
Mommy with her girls again.
Mommy and Haylee Bug!
Baby Madi enjoying the outdoors.
Haylee and Daddy