Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What have we been up to??

Here is a quick picture recap of the things that we have been doing lately!
Lauren graduated! :o)

Madi began eating cereal from a bowl and fruits. She LOVES peaches. This is the first time we tried feeding her from a spoon. Haylee was SO excited to help.

Madi's 4 Month Stats
Weight- 13 pounds (37th%)
Length- 23 1/4 inches (17th%)

Friday we went out to eat Mexican food for Brandon's bday. I forgot my camera that evening! Oops!

On Saturday we took Haylee to Peckham Park to fish.

She looks super cute and it looks like a wonderful afternoon, but we only lasted about 20 minutes. Right after we found a spot and got situated, Haylee decided she needed to go potty...it was on the opposite side of the lake. (We are learning ourselves...it is a lot different having to take a little one to a restroom) Then Madi was upset and Haylee was crying so we decided we would try it again on another day. :o)
This is what Madi thought about fishing for about 10 minutes.

Sunday evening we went to Carrabba's to celebrate Grandpa Glowacz' bday (my dad).
Here is Grandma showing Haylee how to make a heart with her fingers.

Grandpa snuggling Madi girl!

Monday we set up the blow up pool in the backyard for Haylee to play in. She LOVED it! She is going to be a water baby this summer!

We had popsicles!

Madi enjoying the outdoors!

Haylee in her cute hat!

Still to come... a really cute video of Haylee dancing to her new favorite song.
Coming up:
School is out in 7 days!
Kayelyn's First Birthday
A trip to Abilene
Father's Day
Macy goes to Dog Obedience School (YAY!)
Vacation! (The girls know where we are going...)


Stephanie said...

No wonder we havent heard much from you lately!!! Busy Brewers!!
Looks like you guys had a great weekend!!
Cant wait to see all the stuff coming up!!! Love the last 2 pics...how fun!!!!

Krystyn said...

Looks like y'all have been busy. Love that Haylee helped Madi eat...too cute.

Happy last couple days of school.

Dave and Kristen said...

Those are cute! Cant wait to see yall!!! Do you know when you will be coming here?

Kathleen said...

Haylee looks cute fishing and in her grass skirt. I hope you get a chance to start the book I sent you soon and enjoy it.