Thursday, July 10, 2008


Ok... we have lived in our house for 3 1/2 years. Ever since we moved into the neighborhood we have had various companies come door to door trying to sell different things such as, alarms, bug spray, kirby vaccum cleaners, and yard services. Everytime we turn them away a little annoyed that they either rang the doorbell and woke up our precious baby girl or interrupted us at dinner time.
Well, yesterday during Haylee's nap, of course, the doorbell rang and the dogs went CRAZY! I went quickly to the door to stop them from barking hoping to save Haylee's nap only to find a woman dressed nice wanting to clean an area in my house for free. I knew right away she was with Kirby, I have seen their demo before, and I told her I didn't have time, as soon as my daughter woke up I had some errands to run. Her reply was, it will only take 20 minutes, just let me do your stairs. Hmm...I thought, I hate doing the stairs and she was going to vaccumm and steam clean them. Plus being pregnant I really shouldn't be carrying the cleaners up and down myself. So, I told her yes. Meanwhile, Haylee woke up and I quickly picked up a little.
About 10 minutes later 2 guys came knocking on my door to clean. I asked where the girl was and they said her job was to get people to say yes. Hesitantly I let them in and they proceeded with the demo I have already seen. 2 HOURS LATER, Travis arrived home, not too happy, and quickly said no to the purchase of a 2500 vaccumm. I went into it knowing I wasn't going to buy one, I have a brand new Dyson that I LOVE! It is pretty equal in quality to the Kirby. I found this out after the guys trying to do some comparison tests to prove to me that I needed a Kirby.
Anyway, bottom line...They didn't even do my stairs!
Live and Learn!

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Stephanie said...

I hate when they knock on doors! It drives me crazy..and wth..they didnt even clean your stairs?!?! I bet Travis was mad..oops! :)