Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mideval Times

Last Wednesday we went to Mideval Times at Discover Mills (in Georgia). We had so much fun! Haylee absolutely LOVED it. She sat on my lap for the whole 2 hours and watched the horses and jousting tournament.
Mommy and Haylee in our black knight hats! (We were rooting for the black knight)

Us again...

Aunt Sarah with Haylee
(That is as far as we got with pictures before Haylee decided she didn't like the hat.)

Haylee watching the horses.

Our knight!

More horses...

Grandma and Haylee

During the show, each knight throws flowers to their crowd and he also gets to pick one fan to receive a sash from the knight. Guess who won... HAYLEE!

Here is a picture of Haylee with her knight and shining armor, after the show, wearing her sash. (Queen of Love and Beauty)

Our little Queen of Love and Beauty!

She was worn out.

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