Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

For my birthday I asked for money or gift cards so that I could buy this...

Tonight we went to Best Buy to buy it. Travis also bought me a memory card and the new photoshop! I am super excited to play with the camera this weekend.
I have a lot to learn about it.
We were joking around the other day about the number of cameras Travis has bought me. He has bought me a new one every year since we have been married. (4 years) Some people like jewelry, some like purses, and some like shoes. I like cameras! HA HA
I told him this one will last for a while. I now have a nice point and shoot and DSLR.
This afternoon I also had my weekly dr. appointment. Everything is still looking good. I am measuring right on schedule. I have made it past the point that I went into pre term labor with Haylee. We are taking everything day by day! The only problem I am having is some back pain. It's not like sciatica, its just lower back pain. During school and at home I am trying to stay off my feet as much as possible. However, having an almost 2 year old running around doesn't allow me to "relax" for extended periods of time. :o)
My next appointment is on Tuesday due to Thanksgiving.

Also, I am really excited about TWILIGHT! I have tickets for Saturday. I can not wait! I went to this website looking for T-Shirts. I was really tempted to get one but didn't want to pay the express shipping. Check it out if you are a "twilighter". They are really funny. That was my other problem, I couldn't figure out which one to get. :o)

My next post should be pictures taken from my new camera!


Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness..I am so jealous!! That is the camera I want! lol
Cant wait to see the new pics!!
Glad to hear everything is going so good with the baby..keep up the good work mom!
I thought about getting a shirt too, but I didnt know if that would be crossing the line! haha
There are some really cute ones though! I'll have to go check out the website!

Stephanie said...

Congrats to you! Like I said, I didn't think you could go wrong with either camera. I got mine for Mother's Day and LOVE IT! Glad you got it in time for the holidays too!

I'm seeing Twilight twice today! Fun!!!!

Krystyn said...

Congrats on the new camera!

And have fun with photoshop. I had to take some online classes to figure out how to use it (that program costs a pretty penny, too)!

Dave and Kristen said...

Thats a really nice camera...I want can get it for me for christmas haha..jk..I think dave and I are by ourselves a video camera for christmas!!! i think that will be fun! glad everything is going good still with madison! my next appt is tuesday too! I will be 27 weeks...its going by quickly for me!! I think anyways haha....well love ya!