Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Last Thursday I went to my 27 week appointment. I went in early to do the glucose test. I passed by 1 point! An hour after drinking the glucose drink, my blood sugar was supposed to be less than 135. Mine was 134! So I passed this time around! I also saw the doctor for a regular check up. Everything is looking good. She gave me a steroid shot as a precautionary measure because of my history of pre-term labor. It is to help the baby with lung development. I will be going to the docotor weekly for check ups (already). I feel blessed that I have a doctor who is taking such good care of myself and baby Madison.
Friday I left work early to return to the doctor for the second dose of the steroid. It is a series of 2 shots that have to be within 24 hours of each other. It is a very thick injection that doesn't feel very good! You can feel the liquid travel in your veins and it burns for a few minutes. So, I will be returning to the doctor on Thursday for my weekly check up. After this week I will have passed the week that I went into pre-term with Haylee. We are trying to take it easy and taking it one day at a time.
On Saturday, my neighbor Kindell threw me a shower for baby Madi. It was family and close friends. Of course it was fabulous and we receieved many great gifts. We got a crib soother, mobile, swing, new bottles, some cute clothes, diapers, blankets, a Vera Bradley diaper bag, another monitor, a bather, hairbow holder, wall letters, gift cards, a boppy, a purple boppy cover, new bath towels, and some car seat toys. I am probably forgetting something... I have a few pictures to post.
The soon to be Big Sister and mommy!
Haylee checking out the gifts.
(Aunt "issy" made her big sister shirt and hairbow.)

This week will finish up busy as well. I have reading night at school, a doctor's appointment, and we are going to San Antonio this weekend. We are taking Haylee to Sesame Street Live to see:

We will also be celebrating my birthday. I will have many more pictures to post following this weekend!

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Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!! When is your actual bday?!? Mine is tomorrow!
Yeah for Scorpios!!
Glad to hear you are being taken care of and are doing good!
Hope you are feeling good too..you looks great!!!