Thursday, June 25, 2009

5 Months Old!

This little girl just turned 5 months old! Where does the time go?

Madi, you are such a cutie and in a GREAT stage! You smile a lot! However, you also know that you are the baby in the family and can play that role really well! You have the sweetest "pouty" face and quivering lip.

Madi, you LOVE your big sister! Haylee likes to try to do silly things to make you laugh or "talk" to her.

You love still love to eat! You are eating a 6 ounce bottle 4 times a day and love all fruits and veggies. We haven't tried any meats yet.

You sleep 12 hours a night and take 2 naps during the day.

You love to chew on blankets, your hands, and you just began picking up small toys.

We have just started putting you in the exersaucer, but you don't love it just yet.

You LOVE bath time. You will kick your feet to splash the water.

You like playing "airplane". It makes you laugh.

You are always on a "roll", but you don't like when you are on your tummy. You prefer laying on your back so you can play with your feet.

You wear 3-6 month clothes (closer to the 6 month size) and size 2 diapers.

You are about 14 pounds (give or take a couple of ounces).

You are a precious little girls. We all LOVE you!

Thanks Missy for the picture!


Stephanie said...

5 to 9 months is my favorite age!
THat picture is precious! Her little smile is just adorable!!

Krystyn said...

What a doll! I love her little smile.

Brewer Fam said...

Awww. Mo.