Thursday, June 25, 2009

Abilene Trip

This past Monday I took the girls on a 6 hour road trip to Abilene to visit Kristen, Dave, and the twins. It was a short trip, but fun to visit with them. The twins are getting so big. I thought it was cute when Haylee said, " A lot of babies mommy!" Here are a few pictures from the trip.

On the road... (Haylee was hot!)

Hi Madi!

The babies (Audrey, Madi, and Addisyn)

Ha Ha Ha!

Haylee making brownies with Aunt Kristen.

Haylee didn't want to lick the bowl with a spoon...she wanted to actually lick the bowl! Funny thing is...Haylee claims she doesn't like chocolate, I guess she does now!! :o)

We didn't take many pictures this trip. Kristen has a few different ones on her blog from Chuckie Cheese.
We had a great time. Thanks guys for having us visit!

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