Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sisters are funny!

It is really easy to make Madi smile. You just look at her and she grins from ear to ear! Haylee is the only one that can make Madi laugh on cue! I watching the girls interact together. Madi LOVES Haylee and Haylee LOVES Madi.

**disclaimer... Sorry Haylee is only in panties. She takes her clothes off and says its hot in the house all the time. I really don't blame her, it is hot! It is her summer wardrobe! :o)

Lots of people ask if the girls look alike. You decide. This is Madi the other day and Haylee when she was just about 6 months, like Madi.

You can tell that Madi likes to eat and Haylee was picky!

I love my girls!


Brewer Fam said...

They favor each other but Haylee is a mini you and Madi is a baby trav :)

Anonymous said...

They hsvr the same eyess, nose and cheeks....just cover up the other parts and look at them seperately.

I think they will look mre and more alike over time. Either way, they are beautiful and HEALTHY!!!! :)

The Midyett Family said...

they do look similar!