Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Artist

I decided it was time to let Haylee explore her creativity. I went to Michael's one evening and picked up a bunch of random craft items and created a craft box for her to play with at the kitchen table. Her favorite thing to do is paint. Here are a couple pictures of Haylee painting a picture for her daddy. Check out her serious face.
The Masterpiece
The orange "circle" on the right with the green hair is a happy face for daddy and the blue circle on the left above the black cloud (?) is daddy.
-per Haylee


Stephanie said...

Look at her working so hard!!
Too cute!
Landon always loved doing crafts!!

Krystyn said...

Painting is fun and scary at the same time...as soon as I turn my back, Izzy has painted the table, the chairs or herself.

Anonymous said...

This is just exactly what you looked like when you were Haylee's age. You had a box with ALL your craft/school stuff in it. You water color painted, played play dough, colored, cut, pasted, glued, stapled, taped and doodled with markers, pencils, etc... And you had workbooks and all sorts of coloring and paint books. :) Haylee is just like her Mommy.

Love you Jen.


Brewer Fam said...

I think I want to get a canvas and paints and do a huge painting with all the girls' handprints and feet on it for my kitchen.... You have inspired me. Let me know when I can borrow you girls' feet & hands LOL