Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Binkie Blues

Haylee doesn't have a blanket or animal she is attached to, she has a binkie. I shouldn't say "a" binkie she has many binkie's...

...that is not counting the ones that are upstairs right now in her bed, in my car, purse, or daddy's car! She LOVES the binkie!

Travis and I both know that it is time to get rid of that awful thing (things). We have several reasons why...
  1. She is 2.
  2. The doctor said it will help her breathe better.
  3. It will help her speak clearer and everyone will be able to understand her. (Lots of people think she is not speaking English.)
  4. It might eliminate some future dental costs. (unfortunately she may be doomed with my dental genes, but we can hope)

We also have one reason why it is so hard not to get rid of it...

It is TOO EASY to hand it to her when she is frustrated! Just look at this face...

Where did she learn the pouty face??? It's a good one!

I have one more month off of work and I am determined to get rid of it! I need help! Ideas, words of encouragement and suggestions are all welcome!


Stephanie said...

Girl, I feel you!!
Landon had about that many too!
(and dont tell anybody, but he had them until he was 3!! lol)
We did the whole" paci fairy" thing b/c one of my friends was having a baby. We brought all our pacis to her for the new baby and that night the paci fairy brought Landon a new toy! :)
Surprisingly, he asked for it maybe 5 times after the fact and never asked about them again. I stressed for weeks about how he was going to act, and he did great!
It might be a little harder though having them around the house for Madi!!
Good luck..you will do it when you guys are ready!
(Landon had the same speech thing going on!)

Krystyn said...

We did the paci fairy and it worked very well. (I posted about it).

But, before that, I got rid of them certain places first. No paci in the car, none at nap time, then at bedtime, I got her down to just one.

Then we talked about it the week before and told her everyday.

Then, once they were gone, they were gone.

She is totally old enough to understand. But, you are right, with Madi there it's going to make it much harder.

Definitely get rid of it first during the day and let her deal with her frustrations, then work on the sleep thing.

Stephanie said...

Karys quit cold turkey. We simply took it away one night. She cried for a few hours. The next night she cried a bit more and by the third night, it was done. And she's never had one since.

I thought you were doing this last summer? ;)

Brewer Fam said...

Love the new Header. Cartoon Madi is very cute!

Pretty Lil Girl Boutique said...

I am a cold turkey person!
Emmalee use to carry 2 at a time and have one in her mouth, no joke!
We stopped buying them. She lost the last one and that was that! She never got a paci again. It surprisingly went better than I thought it would and she did fine!
Katelyn will be 2 next month and she still has hers too, but mainly when she is tired and especially for bed. I know i need to take it away, I just can't!