Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pull Ups

So... we are not pushing the potty training, but we are definitely encouraging it with Haylee. We ask her frequently if she needs to go, we talk about it all of the time, we have a reward chart, we celebrate with a happy dance, we have big girl panties, and we wear pull ups sometimes when she is going through a phase when she wants to use the big girl potty.

Huggies Pull Ups
(For those who do not know)
They come in different sizes and have two different prints on them.

Obviously Huggies tried to make the princess pull ups appeal to the girls and the cars print appeal to the boys.

So, which one does my little girly, girl princess choose??

Whatever gives her the incentive to use the "big girl" potty!

She is still mommy's little princess!


Krystyn said...

That is too funny. We are all about the princess pull-ups here!

(And, dummy mommy me, didn't notice the velcro on the sides that allows you to reattach them if necessary)!

Stephanie said...

OH how I DO NOT miss those days!! lol
THat picture is adorable!! I cant believe she picked the cars ones! Too funny!
(Krystyns comment cracks me up..those stupid velcro things always came undone when I didnt want them to! lol)

Stephanie said...

Hilarious! I didn't know that we could pick the blue ones. I've only ever bought pink b/c I thought the others were designed for "boy parts". Shows how much I know!

Anonymous said...

I want her to piss on my face