Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Today Madi is 4 weeks old. I only use the pacifier with her to keep her content a few extra minutes before it is time for her to eat.

My girls!

What do you eat the night before you start a diet??

My favorite dessert! Mmmm! And yes, I ate the WHOLE thing!
The diet started today. I only have a couple weeks before I have to be wearing my work clothes and a few months before Summer vacation!

Grandma Jackie gave Haylee a cute little bunny rabbit that sings Jesus Loves Me. Haylee likes to sing along with different songs and toys that play music. Here she is singing Jesus Loves Me. (You may not be able to hear all of the words, but you definitly hear the inflections on her voice.) I love when little kids sing! So cute!


Stephanie said...

What beautiful girls!!

Krystyn said...

So cute!

So, you don't want to have to take a paci away from Madi in two years? It's not that bad!!!

And, thanks for your encouraging words! If you enable your email address on your profile, I can respond to your comments:)

Brewer Fam said...

I cannot believe its been 4 weeks already. Gosh, times goes so quickly.... Seems like just a week or so ago.... She is starting to look more like haylee did at this age but I still see a lot of T... Congrats on your two preety girls, I know how proud you are.

Stephanie said...

I cannot believe it's been 4 weeks and I still have not met her! I have a feeling she's going to give me a bad case of baby fever though ;)