Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bye Bye Binkie!

I am happy to say that...


I was a nervous wreck for no reason at all. A lot of people told me that it would be harder on me than on her. Thanks for all of the advice from everyone! Believe me, I asked EVERYONE I know!

Here is what we did...

On Friday afternoon following Haylee's last binkie nap, we went around the house looking for as many binkies that we could find. Haylee chose a gift bag from my stash and placed each binkie we found inside the bag. Our plan was to leave the binkie's on the front doorstep for the fairy, a.k.a Tinkerbell (we had to associate the word fairy to something she knew), and Tinkerbell would take them away to the babies that needed them. When Travis arrived home from work we left to go to HEB and Haylee left the bag on the front doorstep. After our trip to the store Haylee came home to a special gift that Tinkerbell had left her. It was a soft, BIG girl Tinkerbell blanket to sleep with. Haylee was SO excited! We unloaded groceries and ate dinner. Travis had to run to Home Depot for a couple things for work and while he was gone I took Haylee upstairs with her card and blanket to take a picture. After laying her in bed, covering her with the new blanket and kissing her goodnight I went back downstairs with monitor in hand expecting to hear the screaming any minute. To my surprise I heard Haylee talking instead. She was reading her card from Tinkerbell (copying what I read to her) and reading her book, No More Pacifiers (Binkie's to us), that we have been reading every night. 20 minutes later it was silent. She was out! No crying...nothing at all.

This morning we all woke up at 8 and Haylee hasn't mentioned the binkie but one time today when she was upset. Right now she is fast asleep...nap time! I am so proud of her!

Haylee with her card Tinkerbell left her!

Haylee with her new Big Girl blanket!

Our BIG girl!


You are such a BIG girl now. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you! You just don't know how special you are and how happy you make us. We love watching you grow, explore, and learn new things. We love you very, very much! Great job!


Mommy and Daddy

Looking back...our little Binkie Baby!
(This is Haylee at 2 months...looks like Madi, huh??)


Krystyn said...

I'm so glad it went smoothly for you.

I love how Tinkerbelle made a delivery while you were out!

Stephanie said...

WOW...I'm so glad it went well!! I told you Landon was the same way!! What a great way to do it!!
That does look so much like Madi!!! Too cute!!

Dave and Kristen said...

Madi really does look like first I was like no way...but after that pic..they look almost identical!