Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eventful 2009...already!

I am going to recap the last week, in order, beginning with Tuesday December, 30.
Tuesday afternoon I took Haylee to the doctor for her 2 year checkup. She is 24 pounds and 32 inches tall. Getting so BIG! She had one shot and again didn't flinch. She has really high pain tolerance! What a good baby!
During the doctor appointment I asked him about getting something for a cough that began the night before. He recommended an over the counter medicine and said if it didn't help to call back the next day and he would call something in for her. Of course it didn't help and Haylee woke up with a fever. So I called the doctor back on Wednesday (New Year's Eve) and he called in a perscription for an antibiotic. So our New Year's Eve looked like this...

lot's of coughing, high fever, and throwing up due to coughing. Not to mention the medicine tasted nasty so it was a MAJOR fight to get her to take it. Poor Baby!

New Year's day Haylee still had fever and was still coughing. Of course I thought, it would take a couple of days to get the medicine in her working but, by Friday when the cough and fever were still there I called the doctor to see if he wanted to take a look at her. I was surprised when he sent us to the hospital for chest x-rays and blood work. Friday afternoon we went back to the doctor for the results. Haylee had a viral bronchiolitis infection. While we were in the office they checked her blood oxygen level which was 87 and did a nebulizer treatment to see if it would bring up the number. Your oxygen level needs to be 95 or higher. Anything lower needs to be treated with supplements. The treatment brought her level up only to 88. Once again I was shocked when the doctor said that Haylee needed to be admitted in the hospital overnight for oxygen supplements. I thought I was just bringing her into the office for some medicine and we would be on our way. So, Friday night we checked into the hospital for a 5 day vacation (HA!). That's right...overnight turned into 4 night stay.

Poor baby! Haylee doing her nebulizer treatment using her purple dragon mask.

Resting with daddy! Such a good daddy!

On Saturday my sister, Kristen, had to go ahead and deliver the twins due to concern of one of the babies heart rate. Kristen did a great job through her pregnancy. She made it to 32 weeks and the babies look beautiful.

Kristen is holding Addisyn and Dave is holding Audrey.

Congratulations to the new mommy and daddy!

I can't wait to meet my new little nieces. BTW, they are both doing great for being so premature.

At our hospital we were hoping we woul be going home but Haylee had other plans. Saturday and Sunday Haylee's oxygen levels were showing little improvement. She was recieving IV fluids because she wasn't eating, steroids, antibiotics, oxygen through a nasal cannula, and nebulizer treatments every 4 hours with percussion therapy. (Percussion therapy basically looks like someone is beating the heck out of you. No, it actually looks like a really hard massage.) Monday we began another approach to try to get her to take deeper breaths and expand her lung capacity. We were blowing bubbles all day and walking down to the playroom for 15 minute increments. This must have helped because in the middle of the night, Monday they took her off all the oxygen and her numbers manage to stay in the appropriate range the rest of the night and Tuesday during the day. So we were discharged!! YAY! At home we are still required to give her nebulizer treatments every 4 hours, even through the night and we will return for a follow up appointment in 2 days. We were so excited to come home. Haylee was excited to come home and see the dogs. Almost as excited as she was when we arrived at the hospital on Friday and they put on an Elmo diaper. Apparently pampers have Elmo and we use Huggies which have Mickey and Minnie on them. She was SO excited about the diaper! LOL!
Trying to keep Haylee entertained.
We colored, read books, watched movies (Tinker Bell a lot), and played games.

On Monday we began going down to the playroom and daddy taught her how to ride on the IV machine. Tuesday when I took her back to play she wanted to do it again so I decided to snap a picture.

YAY! Getting discharged. The nurse taking off her foot sensor and baby alarm.

No more IV! Hello Kitty band aid!

I do have to say that I am SO PROUD of my baby girl! She was put through hell the last 5 days yet she still had a smile on her face (most of the time) and was very cooperative. Everyone of her nurses and respitory therapists were so amazed at her cooperation and behavior. They said they have never seen a 2 year old act the way she did. She didn't freak out during the IV, chest x-rays, or anything where she was poked. The nebulizer was a different story. Haylee doesn't like things with loud noises. She did best with the treatments in the arms of her daddy or at night when she was half asleep.
Good Job Haylee!
Tuesday I also had my weekly doctor's appointment. She didn't do an exam for fear of me going into labor. I have not been consistent with my medication due to the chaos of this week. So, next week I will no longer have to take the medicine and our precious baby girl can arrive anytime! It's crazy to think that within the next 5 weeks we will be a family of 4! So exciting!


Stephanie said...

Holy cow...I am so sorry to hear about Haylee. So glad she is doing better though!
To be honest, when I read your title, I had a feeling you might have gone to the hospital! Glad it wasnt you, but so sorry that it was Haylee. I love the pic of her and daddy sleeping..too cute!
Take care of those 2 babies of yours!
Cheers to almost being a family of 4!!!

Krystyn said...

Oh, my...what a week. Poor Haylee. I'm so glad she is better now. And, I'm sure it was extra rough for you.

Congrats on being an auntie!

Take it easy!