Monday, January 12, 2009

Maternity Pics

My sister in law, Melissa, came over tonight to take some maternity photos for me to put up in Madi's room. A lot of them came out really good. Here are some of my favorites!

36 Weeks! Madi is sitting really strange lately...kinda pointy! :o)

I love, love, love this one!!

Haylee showing me where her baby is...

Our due date is one month from yesterday. I go for a check up tomorrow! We can't wait to meet our new baby girl and Haylee is excited to be a big sister!

Thanks Melissa for taking such great pictures for us! We really appreciate it!


Stephanie said...

Those are really cute Jen!

We saw Travis yesterday at the store and were asking how you were. I need to email you - I have a question for you about something.

I cannot believe you are due in less than a month! So exciting!

Stephanie said...

What beautiful pictures!!
I love them all!
Wow..only one more month?? Congrats for making it this long..I cant beleive she will be here in the next month!

Krystyn said...

How exciting. And, less than a really, any day now, right?

Those are great pictures!

Dave and Kristen said...

those are really good! I was like she looks pointy before I read what you wrote lol...thats how mine was most of the time!! Haylee looks very excited!!! I cant wait to meet my little niece Madi!