Monday, January 26, 2009

Madi's Birth Story

Last Tuesday I went to my regular weekly appointment thinking that I would be in and out and on my way back home to continue preparing for Madison's arrival. Well, things went a little differently than I had planned.
The past few weeks that I had been to the doctor my blood pressure was a little high but would go back to normal when I would lie down on my side. My doctor had told me the previous week to keep an eye on it. Watch out for headaches which I had just begun having. The headaches would go away after taking Tylenol so I didn't think much of it. Dr. Patronella told me to call her if the headaches didn't go away within 30 minutes of taking Tylenol.
Anyway I went into the office Tuesday and my blood pressure was great, but when I got in the room my doctor told me I had a high amount of protein in my urine and she wanted to send me next door to the hospital for some more blood work and to retest the protein level.
The protein level came back high again and Dr. Patronella decided that it would be best for myself and the baby to induce me the next morning since high protein is the begining stage of preeclampsia. She felt by the next week things could be bad.
I was shocked! I really thought I would be going home still pregnant with some time left to prepare.
I spent the night at the hospital, was given an Ambien to help me sleep (which didn't work!), and looked forward to meeting my new baby girl the next day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009
At 5:00am the nurse came in and started an IV of petocin. I anticipated a fast delivery since many people told me that your second delivery is usually faster than your first. I began feeling contractions around 7:30 and held off on an epidural until 10:30. When I got the epidural I was dialated to 4 cm. Once I received the epidural the contractions began to slow down and I didn't have any change from 10:30-Noon when Dr. Patronella came to check on me. She was actually leaving early that day to take her son to the dentist. She told me she would be leaving at 1:30. That bummed me out because I really wanted her to deliver me and at that point I was kinda frustrated because nothing had changed. I decided it was time for a nap. Travis was busy doing a crossword and I was was trying to sleep. Around 1:15 the nurse came back in to check me and to our surprise I was now complete- 10cm! The next 15 mintues were fast. While the nurse was reminding me how to push and getting ready Madi decided she was ready! The nurse started yelling for the rest of the people that are in the room to hurry and calling for the dr. to hurry because Madi was coming. Once Dr. Patronella (who was literally running down the hall) got there they told me I would start pushing on a contraction, I sat up to adjust and Madi came into the world, without a push! Our little 6 pound 2 ounce, 18 inch long, Haylee mini-me was born!
I was blessed with a very easy delivery and very beautiful healthy baby girl! (and Dr. Patronella delivered Madi at 1:30 and made it to her sons dentist appt in time)

Here are a few pictures after delivery and a couple from her first days at home. I have a lot more but nap times are almost over! So I will have more to post later!

Our last family picture of 3!
(Tuesday Night)

Mommy holding Madi for the first time!

Haylee meeting her little sister.
(Sorry the gown was a little big, I am not nursing)

Daddy and his little girls!

Our new family of 4!

Haylee holding Madi's Birthday Cake from the hospital.


Madi's first night home

First Bath


Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh..what a crazy (but great) story!! I bet you were surprised!! How wonderful that she came so easily!! (lucky girl!)
She is just adorable and you have such a beautiful family of 4 now!!
Cant wait to see more pics!
hope you are feeling good too!

Dave and Kristen said...

She is so sweet!!! Haylee will be a good big sister! Did Madi like her first bath because Audrey didnt at all lol!!

Krystyn said...

So, so sweet! I love the family of four picture (and I'm kicking myself that nobody took that picture for us)!

Stephanie said...

I cannot believe you did not have to push! Talk about a blessing - I hope when we have a second one, mine will be that easy. And Dr P ran down the hall for me too with Karys. It was madness!

They are so sweet and cute together. Congrats on your beautiful family of FOUR!