Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekly Update and Haylee's New Shirt

Ha...That's what it seems like these days, weekly update. I will get better at this again. I promise!

Since I have been keeping Briley quite a bit, she needs a place to take a nap in our house sleep for the night if she stays over. Well it works out perfect because Briley now sleeps in a Big Girl Bed at home and we just happen to have a day bed with a trundle in Haylee's room. So, we pull out the bottom trundle and let Briley sleep on it and Haylee sleeps in her crib. First of all, it is really comical hearing the coversation between the two girls before they finally fall asleep. I laid in bed listening to the monitor just laughing. It's so cute. Anyway, since Haylee adores Briley she wants to do everything she does. The other day I took Haylee upstairs and said it was time for a nap. She shook her head and walked over to the big girl bed and crawled in. I asked her if she wanted to sleep there and her reply was yes. I thought to myself...ok this is too easy. So I tucked her in and closed the door. I went downstairs with the monitor in hand. I was so impressed! She did great. A few times I could hear her jumping, singing, saying "book" and "fish". Here are a couple of pictures.

What a big girl laying in the Big Girl Bed!

This is how quiet she is...I had the monitor in my hand and didn't even know she was pulling her baskets our and dumping them. We will work on this one. :o)

Haylee takes after her mom! She will soon be doing my blog posts. :o) She loves pushing the "buts" (AKA buttons) for me.

Haylee's new bathing suit. Her Grandma O'Neill has a little obsession with bathing suits (she has one more on the way). Atleast she will have plenty for mommy and me swim lessons which start next week.

Father's Day... (we don't have too many pictures...Travis is in the middle of some extensive and painful dental work so he wasn't in the picture mood. Atleast for me to post them.)

We hope everyone had a great Father's Day! We woke up on Sunday and decided to cook daddy some breakfast.

We then went to have lunch with Travis' dad and then ended the evening at my dad's house for dinner. It was a busy day as most holidays are. We thought this was a cute picture. We were driving down the road and looked back at Hay...She's quite the thinker.

Finally, and certainly not the least important bit of news. Haylee got a new shirt! Check it out!

YES...Haylee will be a big sister in February!
Right now our due date is February 11, 2009.


Krystyn said...

First of all...CONGRATULATIONS (and where did you get the shirt?)!

Haylee looks adorable in her "thinking pose." Have fun at the swim lessons. We start ours in July.

Stephanie said...

CONGRATS!! I was checking all day yesterday to see if you were going to post about it! Yay!

I will email you again about possible plans for this weekend. Haylee is adorable - she's like a little model!

Stephanie said...

HOLY COW...HOW EXCITING! Congrats to all 3 of you! Her shirt is adorable! Too cute! Hope you are feeling good!

Karen said...

You labeled your mother with obsessive! Not nice. i just think a girl should have a few choices. You know, variety. Poor Hay, being made to do a wardrobe change everytime G'ma finds a sale. She looks super cute in her new suit though.

Hugs and love to you all.