Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Fun!

This weekend, actually on Thursday after Haylee's dr. appointment, I took her to San Antonio to visit my grandma. She hadn't seen Haylee since Christmas and was really excited to see her. When Haylee and I got home on Saturday we went to our neighbors house for dinner. Finally Sunday we went to the hospital to visit Kayelyn, who by the way is doing GREAT! Here are some pictures.

Haylee playing with the new little puppies, Bella and Mia.

They loved running back and forth chasing each other.

Haylee helping her Great Grandma water the flowers.

Haylee and Grandma (Her Great Grandma)

Bella and Mia

Haylee Reese

mmm smell the flowers...

I just thought this flower was pretty.

Haylee and Briley coloring at the hospital.

Haylee went to the doctor on Thursday for her 18 month well. Her stats are:

Weight: 20 lbs. (3rd %tile)

Height: 31 inches (25th %tile)

Other BIG news... My sister Kristen is also pregnant! So, we get to go through this together! She is due on February 15.

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Stephanie said...

Babies everywhere!! How exciting and congrats to your fun that you get to do this together! Glad to hear the baby is doing better! Your pics were great!