Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sisters and Twilight

I love watching my girls "play" together. They are so sweet to watch and you can really see the love they have for one another.

(I don't know why these photos are uploading like this, I didn't take them in this direction and they don't show up like that in my folder. Sorry!)

I have been so excited about the dvd release of Twilight. I saw it twice in the theater and really wanted to watch it again at home. The second time I saw the movie the characters had grown on me and I was able to replace my image of them from the book with the movie characters. Yesterday Travis came home with the Blu Ray dvd of Twilight for me. Of course I watched it during naptime. I really wanted to watch it again but Trav said that was a little much. Hmm... I don't think so. So instead, I got out book 1 to re-read. I miss reading those books!


Stephanie said...

I have not bought it yet..I know..TRAGEDY! lol
This week..i cant wait to see it again too!
I might koin you in re=reading them. I have so many new books, but all the talk about it, has me wanting to read them again!!

Kelli said...

There is nothing weird about wanting to watch Twilight 10 times in a row. I am also obssessed with it! :)