Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick Update

Things have been really busy with me returning to work, then having Spring Break, and having lots of visitors. So I thought I would post a few pics for now and will post more tomorrow.

Let's see...I returned to work on the 9th. Everything worked out great. I was sad leaving the girls but once I got to work things just fell back into place. Leaving Haylee after she was born was really hard. This time I didn't feel as sad leaving because I knew everything would be fine and I wouldn't miss everything, but since Haylee is talking she was able to tell me "mommy no go to work",that broke my heart. I wish I could stay with her everyday! Summer will be here before we know it!

Bedtime in our house is 8:00 for our girls. Everynight we do bath and have a little play time before bed. Then I sit with Haylee and rock for 2 minutes, just long enough to discuss our day and what is going on the following day. Next, it is Madi's turn. I swaddle her up and put her in the crib and turn on her mobile. Since the 10th Madi has been sleeping through the night. She has been waking up between 6:15-7:00. We are so thankful for this.

Last Saturday when Travis got home from work we hosted a small game night. Brandon, Chris (Brandon's brother), and 2 new friends, Kayla and Michelle , came over to play cards and Cranium. We had a great time hanging out at the house with friends.

This week Kristen and Dave came to visit with the twins. It was great to meet those 2 precious girls. Haylee LOVED her cousins. She wanted to hold the girls and enjoyed loving on them. (More picture from their visit will be posted later, I forgot my camera a couple of times.)

Today we took a trip to the Houston Zoo with Aunt La La, Grandmama, cousin Briley and Kayelyn. We had a great time and the weather was PERFECT! Zoo post to come later.

(Madi was having a great time! :o) He he!)

***Upcoming posts: Zoo, grandparents/great grandparents, 2 month well check up, more twin pictures, and daddy's brithday.***

The zoo wore me out so I am off to bed!


Stephanie said...

I love Madi's crib set - adorable! I cannot believe between you and your sister you have 4 girls! I love it!

Stephanie said...

I love all the pics! They are just so sweet!!!
Madis bed is SOOOOO adorable! One of the cutest I've seen!!!! :)
Cant wait to see the rest of the pics!!
Yeah for sleeping through the night!!! What a blessing!