Thursday, March 5, 2009

6 weeks old and a chore for the hubby...

Yesterday Madi turned 6 weeks old! Time has flown bye! It is bittersweet with Madi turning 6 weeks. We are excited because her little personality is beginning to show. We are able to make her smile and are beginning to hear some little "coo's". On the other hand...I have to return to work on Monday. I am going to miss my girls so much! Part of me is ready to go back to school but the other part of me would LOVE to stay at home with the girls all of the time. I have been home since November 25. Haylee and I have had so much time together and I am thankful for it. We were really able to spend some quality one on one time before Madi arrived and after Madi's arrival I was able to include Haylee with Madi's needs. Tomorrow I am planning a special day for Haylee since it will be my last day home (for a week...Spring Break on the 16th).

"How many more pictures are you going to take Mom?"

-Trying to capture a smile on camera

Got one!

...and another! I am sure you are wondering about the chore for hubby! Remember me saying that I was beginning a diet (I've lost 7 pounds so far) a couple of weeks a go? So I have been cooking every night of the week...BIG accomplishment. The other night I realized we didn't have light mayonaise for a recipe I was making. I quickly called Travis since I knew he would be home any minute and asked him if he would please stop for me. He called me from the little corner store and asked if miracle whip would be alright. I am not a mayo person so I said I guess and told him I only needed 1/4 cup. When he got home he put the miracle whip on the counter and then said "I went a little ghetto". This is what he pulled out of his pockets.

All I could do was laugh and grab my camera! Love you Trav! :o)

Well we have a busy next couple of weeks. Travis is finishing up a job and will continue to work the next couple of weekends. This weekend we will get a visit from Grandma O'Neill (my mom), Vicca, and Aunt Sarah, it will be her first time to meet Madi. Next week I will be back at work and the girls will return to Grandmama Brewer's (Travis' mom). The following week we will get to meet the twins, Addisyn and Audrey, and of course visit with Kristen and Dave. We will also get a visit from Great Grandpa and Grandma Glowacz. The last weekend of Spring Break Kelli (my college roomie) and Jeremy will be coming to visit.

In other great news Grandpa and Grandma Glowacz (my parents) sold their house and will be living less than 5 miles from us beginning this weekend. So we will be able to see them more often.

Things have been going great here in our household and we are looking forward to all of our upcoming plans and visitors!


Krystyn said...

Okay, that is hilarious. I can't believe Travis did that. But, hey, think of the savings.

Going back to work is bittersweet. I hope you enjoy your last couple days home. Be thinking of me while you are on spring break. Ours isn't until April.

Oh, and happy 6 weeks Madison.

Dave and Kristen said...

Time does go by so fast! I cant believe it!!! That is so funny what travis did...only he would do that lol!!! I cant wait to see yall and haylee and finally meet madi and for yall to meet addisyn and audrey!!! I am so excited and cant wait to get out of my house for a while!!!

Stephanie said...

Way to go Travis..that is hilarious!!!
Enjoy your last few days at home! I know it will be bitter sweet, but atleast you know they are in great hands when you are working!!
I love the pics!!!