Monday, May 26, 2008

Summer Fun!

I have 8 more days of work! So, I will keep this short...It's all pictures from the last two weeks.
Macy taught Haylee how to drink out of the pool like a dog!
The girls riding in Briley's BIG RED CAR!
I love this picture. I like the sun's reflection.

Haylee now knows how to push herself around using her feet.

Haylee and Briley playing on the splash pad.

Silly girl!

Driving with Daddy


Krystyn said...

Very cute! Those last 8 days will fly by!

Stephanie said...

Cute pictures! I love all her bathing suits :)

Dave and Kristen said...

yayy!!! summer!!!! see yall friday!!! WE are leaving on Thursday after I get off work!

Stephanie said...

Yeah for summer! You are going to have such a great few months! Madonna...we actually already got our tickets. We were able to do pre-sale through Citicard!!! I am so excited! Cant wait to see more pics of that precious baby girl!