Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I took a whole bunch of pictures this weekend, but I left my camera cord at school the past few days. Hopefully, I will remember the cord and upload them tomorrow.

But until then... Here is a video.

Most of you know Haylee is OBSESSED with Elmo. Travis and I are a little tired of hearing the Elmo theme song so we picked up a new video to change it up a bit.

Recently I have been saying the alphabet sounds to her (it's the teacher in me) and she will repeat them. She didn't make it too far through the alphabet on this video but you get a clip. :o)

***Please excuse the avacado on her face. Yes, my child LOVES avacado. ***


Dave and Kristen said...

Thats cute! CAnt wait to see yall next week!!!

Stephanie said...

Such a cutie! We need to get her and Karys together soon.

Krystyn said...

So cute! Izzy loves to sing the ABCs. She sings them all the time (in the car, in her crib before going to sleep, and it's the only way we can get her to brush her teeth without crying)!

And, she used to LOVE avocado...not she's not so interested, unless it's a "dip dip" for chips.

Stephanie said...

How sweet! I love how she is trying to look around the camera at you! Gotta love em!