Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Back to the Blog

I am finally back! Aside from feeling guilty about not documenting for the girls the last few months, I decided that with the start of summer there was no better time to get back into it! I am not going to back track. I may put random posts here and there but for today I am starting with yesterday!

School is out! We started the summer break with a trip to the beach! I didn't take any pictures. We simply enjoyed each other's company and hung out at the beach most of the day! Both of the girls really enjoy being down there. They will play in the sand and in the water as long as you let them (or as long as there are snacks for Madi)!

Monday morning we came home to a busy day. Haylee had swim lessons and gymnastics followed by an early bedtime for everyone. Tuesday we spent the day making potty charts and chore charts! It's time to get this potty thing down. Madi is TERRIFIED of the potty. So, I am planning on staying home the next 3 days and doing nothing but encouraging her to go potty. I am crossing my fingers it works!

Here are a few pictures of the girls.


Stephanie said...

Welcome back! I have been a horrible blogger too :(
Good luck with the potty training!!

Katie said...

We need a potty chart and a chore chart at my house too. We recently started potty training with my two year old. It is hard work! Good luck, and welcome back! :)