Sunday, March 16, 2008

Is there grass in Texas???

I will never forget one summer when I went to visit my family, I think at the time they were in Florida (?). I went to my sisters class for her show-n-tell (yes, I am that COOL) . HA! Any way one of the little boys in her class raised his hand when it was time to ask questions... he asked "Is there grass in Texas?" This was so funny to me and still is. Little kids who do not live here in Texas think we live in a "desert" and ride horses to places. Kids are so funny.

So, what made me think of this story you ask? It was today on our LONG car ride back from Abilene. West Texas is the real Texas. Not like here in Houston. On the way home we saw a lot of cactus, armadillo's, big longhorn cows, roadkill, small country towns, and open land. That is Texas. :o)

Our weekend... We had a great time with Kristen and Dave. We left on Friday afternoon when I got home from work. We didn't get to their house until midnight. It was so long. The DVD player in the car really made the trip nice for Haylee. She fell asleep around 8 and slept the rest of the way.

Saturday the boys worked on building Dave a workbench in his garage.

Meanwhile, us girls played games.

Saturday night Kristen and Dave grilled fajitas and had some friends over. We had a good time. Unfortunately, we weren't able to hang with them for long. I guess we are getting old. (sorry guys!)

Sunday morning we woke up and Kristen made breakfast. The boys took my car to Walmart to have the tires looked at. We were having some trouble with the tires on the drive to Abilene. The girls stayed home. We painted Haylee's toes and did whatever we could to keep her awake so that she would sleep on the ride home.

Pretty, pink Spring toes!

We had such a nice weekend. The weather was beautiful!

Thanks Kristen and Dave for having us over. Your new house is so nice and we are so proud of ya'll.


Stephanie said...

You have been tagged! Go look at my blog!!

Karen said...


That trip was your spring break and you visited Sarah's 2nd grade class. You were a big hit. Almost as big a show and tell hit as Wally Cat was...
LOL I love you, Mom