Monday, March 31, 2008

15 months old and a new Dr.

Last week Haylee turned 15 MONTHS OLD! It's hard to believe. Today I took off of work to take her for her 15 month well appointment. Before I get into that let me back track a little bit into last week.

Travis and I decided to switch Haylee's pediatrician because we felt some issues weren't getting resolved where she has been. We both feel like Haylee is continuously getting sick with sinus infections, upper respiratory infections and bronchitis. Well when I went to pick up her medical records we were right! In the past 15 months Haylee has been to the doctor for those specific diagnosis' 11 times. So, I picked up the records on Thursday so we would be ready for her appointment today. But...of course Haylee a different plan and had to have one more visit with her old place. On Friday morning she woke up with her eyes stuck shut with "junk". SO... back to the doctor. We explained to the dr. her symptoms (the usual...runny nose, cough, fever) and we left there with a prescription for eye drops. I was like, ok... we go to the new guy Monday we will be fine until then. Was I wrong!

Travis left Friday night for a weekend of fishing so I was home with Haylee. She woke up at 3:30 coughing and couldn't go back to sleep that night. Saturday morning, when it was a decent hour I called the doctor's after hours line and told her that it has gotten worse, long story short she called in an antibiotic for Haylee. Saturday night same exact thing...same time! Now we are on 2 days of little sleep. Travis gets home on Sunday and both of us are tired and hoping for a better night. Well, it was the worst of all three. She woke up at 10:15, yes...10:15 and was wide awake, coughing, and choking on flem. Well we were thinking, this is going to make for a long night and indeed it did.

However,I was excited when we got up because we were going to see the new doctor and I was hoping for some answers to help my precious angel get well! The doctor was great! He really knew how to make Haylee feel comfortable. Everything he did to Haylee he did to me first so she knew what he was going to do. He checked her out and told us to continue the antibiotic and added some medicine. He also told us to give her Zyrtec daily to help with the allergies. Haylee also had one shot today. It was the strangest thing. She DID NOT cry. Instead she looked up at me afterward and laughed. The nurse said " she's laughing" she couldn't believe it and honestly neither could I.

I know everyone is anxious for her 15 month "stats".

weight- 19.12 pounds 5th percentile
height- 30 inches 35th percentile

She is still so small, but healthy!

Most of my weekend and day today was spent cleaning! Now that Haylee has allergy problems and Travis had allergy testing last week and found out his allergies...we really have to work on deep cleaning our house. It is getting there and looking great!

I will post some pictures tomorrow. I am ready for bed right now! It has been a long 3 nights! Cross you fingers that she sleeps well tonight. :o)


Krystyn said...

Allergies really stink!

I love the new look.

Stephanie said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about poor Haylee. I hope she is starting to feel better. (and you too!) I went through the same thing w/ Landon with ear infections when he was little. :( Poor babies! Glad you found a new doctor and he seems to know what hes doing!! Good luck!

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you like the new doctor!! Man, Haylee is SO small next to Karys - we got the extremes of kiddos I think! Haha!

Hopefully she feels better soon!