Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sprinkler Fun

AKA The La Centerra Fountains

I always call it the sprinkers! Whatever it is, the girls really enjoy it!
This morning we met our neighbors at La Centerra to let the girls play in the sprinklers!

All 3 of them had a lot of fun!

Madi was scared at first. She preferred watching the waterfall.

Haylee and Peyton trying to catch the water.

Time out for a snack.

Haylee and Peyton trying to help Madi out.

"Hey, this is actually fun!!"

Best Buds


Stephanie said...

These are perfect summer pictures! I'm glad you are enjoying your summer with the girls :)

I need to get Karys over to La Centerra soon.

Krystyn said...

Too cute! We went there while we were in Katy, too!

Stephanie said...

So sweet!! Perfect little splash get away!!