Saturday, December 12, 2009

Santa Round 2

Tuesday evening Travis and I took the girls to see Santa. We went this past weekend and had a picture taken with Aunt Victoria, but I felt like they needed to go again with their Christmas dresses.

Big girl Haylee we so excited to tell Santa she wanted a bike and a scooter. Madi was mad that I let someone else hold her. "Mama!"
"Who is this guy???'
"I want down!"

We are so amazed at how big Haylee is getting. She is growing up...too fast!
Next post, Santa Round 1 and Great Grandma's 80th Surprise party.


Anonymous said...

How beautiful they both are in their pretty dresses. Poor Madi! Haylee, I recall, cried too when she saw Santa.

Love, Mom

Stephanie said...

They are both sooooo beautiful!!

Krystyn said...

I think they did better than my girls. Madi sat for a second at least, right?

I hope Travis is doing well.