Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Madi

They say that a nickname should "fit" the person and reflect who they are. Little did we know that the nickname Haylee chose for her sister, would actually be a PERFECT fit, now anyway! Madison is truly a baby. Maybe it is the fact that I "baby" her. Anyway, I love that she is so sensitive and "needy". Here is what we get from our baby girl when we tell her no.
It starts with the "pouty" lip.

Then the nose "scrunch".

Then the "wail".

As bad as it may sound...I think it is the probably one of the cutest things! You just can't help scooping her up and hugging/kissing all over her.

We all love our BABY Madi!


Stephanie said...

Oh how precious!! I love the stage by stage recap ;)

Krystyn said...

That Madi is too cute.

I should do this with Natalie.

She would start to cry at the sight of my step-dad!