Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's a ....

Last Thrusday, Travis ran into our next door neighbors at the store and sometime during the conversation he mentioned that we were finding out the sex of the baby on Tuesday. Joy, the wife, told him that we don't need to pay the extra money for that ultrasound because they had one next door. We knew that they both did ultrasounds for a living but didn't know that the husband had a portable machine since he travels for his position. He specializes in heart ultrasounds and she specializes in baby ultrasounds. She is also in school to become an OB. They both moved from New York, with their 6 kids, last year.

So, Friday night he knocked on the door and said that we could come on over to do the ultrasound. Let me start of by saying it was the BEST ultrasound I have ever had. She wasn't on a time schedule due to other appointments so she was able to really take her time. The baby looks very healthy and very active! We were able to see the chambers in the heart, the hemispheres of the brain, the spine, all 10 fingers and toes...EVERYTHING. It was flipping all around, sucking its thumb, crossing its feet, so cute. She also said that the baby has already developed it kidney's and other organs so she thinks I am atleast 17 weeks along. Based on the first ultrasound I had I am about 15 weeks 5 days and based on my last period I should be 18 weeks. So, somewhere between that January 31 (our first due date) and February 11 (our current due date) we should be expecting a new baby GIRL!

We are all excited and I can't wait to watch the two girls grow up together! Haylee will be a wonderful big sister! We are still discussing names and other details so we will update when we have made some decisions!

Here is a picture of my 16/17 week bump.


Stephanie said...

Another baby girl..YEAH!!! How exciting that your neighbors could do that for you!
Congrats..atleast you get to use all your stuff you have!!!
Congrats to all of you!!

Stephanie said...
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Stephanie said...


Sisters are so sweet. And I'm sure she will be beautiful - like there was ever any question!

Krystyn said... fun! You know how much fun sisters are. I wish I lived next door to your neighbors.