Sunday, April 6, 2008

Joe-Joe's Wedding

This weekend was busy-busy. Here is a recap.

Friday night was the rehearsal. It started at the church and then we headed on over the the KC hall in Katy for a barbecue dinner that was SO good. Haylee had a good time playing with the other children and visiting with family. After rehearsal we came home and went to bed because we knew Saturday was going to be busy.

Saturday morning Travis got up and played in the annual gold tournament that we usually play. However, I had to have someone fill in for me because Grandma and Grandpa O'Neill and Aunt Vicca were in town. They got to visit with Haylee and then decided that they would watch her so Travis and I could enjoy the wedding without chasing around a toddler. Anyway, Travis had to be at the church by 1 for pictures. I met him at the church when the wedding was to begin. It was great service and both the bride and groom looked so happy. I just can't beleive that Joe is married!!

Joe is like a little brother to me. He is my brother Matt's best friend. There were times when it was hard to get through without crying because I kept thinking that Matt should be there. Joe and Carrie had a memory candle in Matt's honor. It was very thoughtful.

The reception was at Pine Forrest Country Club. We had such a good time. They served wonderful food and even had my favorite wine! This wedding had so many "new" ideas that I haven't seen before.

Like... The candy buffet!

Each guest got a little bag that said, "Love, Sweet Love". I thought this was so cute.

The cake was also different. I thought I took a picture, but I guess I didn't! Anyway, the groom's cake was a layer of cheesecake with a regular chocolate cake on top. All I can say is, YUMMY!

Here is the new Mr. and Mrs. cutting the wedding cake.

First Dance

My sister, Kristen the groom and myself! We love you Joe-Joe!

Travis and I enjoying our even without Haylee. (Thanks Mom!)

The last thing that I thought was unique was the departure. Instead of the usual rice or bubbles, Carrie and Joe left to the guests throwing feathers. It was cute. My feather pictures didn't show up very well. Sorry!

We are so happy for the bride and groom. They did a great job planning for this big day. It was a blast and we wish them the best of luck.

Here is a picture of Haylee and Daddy taking a nap on Sunday afternoon.


Stephanie said...

The wedding looked beautiful! Glad you and Travis got a night out together! (well deserved, I'm sure!) I love the pic of them napping! Too cute!

Stephanie said...

That sounds like a really fun and unique wedding! And I'm glad you got to enjoy a night out with Travis :)

That was very sweet of them to do a memory candle for your brother.

Haylee is a doll - LOVE that picture!!